Richard Blunt: Tools

Suggestion list

Artists should arrive with:

  • A board to paint on.
  • Water colour brushes (preferably sable): “round” fine (size 3); “round” medium (size 8 or 9); and “flat” (size 9 or 10 – square/wedge-shaped). You may also bring a mop brush (to lift paint) and a Filberts (flat but round).
  • A soft sponge, preferably natural.
  • Several sheets (or a pad) of good water colour paper such as Saunders or Arches in a protective folder. Please buy a thick paper (minimum 300 gsm because we will not stretch it) and preferably a rough, cold press texture. Size: minimum A3 unless you paint miniatures.
  • Make sure the paints you buy are aquarelle (water colour). Colours: the three primary colours: Red (cadmium, alizarin crimson), yellow (cadmium, lemon), blue (Winsor, cobalt, cerulean). Also bring a tube of Paine’s Grey. Some earthy browns/yellows that I find useful are raw umber, raw sienna, burnt sienna and yellow ochre. If you are experienced, bring the colours you like.
  • A mixing palette for water colours with several compartments of generous size.
  • A water bottle.
  • A jar to rinse your brushes.
  • Several sheets of paper towel or tissues.
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